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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Week 1 Official Results...

Woohoo! Week 1 weight loss total is 7 pounds! And that's with TOM kicking into high gear today. I am very pleased with those results.

Last night hubby and I took the boys for a walk in the park. It was about 40 minutes at an extremely brisk pace - the boys see to that. It's walk fast or be drug around the park by a leash. Two 70+ pound dogs that are highly excited are a safe bet that you will never stroll anywhere again.

After that we had caldo soup that he made. Delicious and healthy.

I am over half way to my 1st mini-goal of 10 pounds. Hopefully I will hit that by next Tuesday morning.

1 comment:

Girl on a Mission... said...

Thanks for stopping by the site. Congrats on your big loss this week too. I'm not expecting a huge loss again next week- but, hey, I'll take what I can get these days!

I hear ya about the 70 pound dog. We have a part Lab/Setter and he's a handful!