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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Week 2 Official Results

Official Weigh In for Week 2 - 232 pounds

That's kind of a bummer because I've been fluctuating between 229 and 230 the last few days, but this morning when I'm doing my 'official' weigh in, it has to be 232. Bummer.

I'm not too upset. I don't like that it makes me look like I only lost a pound, because I'm pretty sure I lost 3, maybe 4. This is why I'm glad I weigh every day. If I didn't, I'd probably be really depressed thinking "what's the point?". Because I know that I have STRICTLY stuck to plan, and recorded every single bite of food, I KNOW that I did not gain 2 to 3 pounds yesterday.

I'm thinking it may be because I got home late and ate salty food for dinner at 9PM. Also, I drank a diet cherry RC this morning before weighing. Normally I weigh immediately after the morning tinkle. Maybe that's it. Oh well, it will just look better for next week. I know that I am losing weight.

Anyhoo, I decided not to do Wendie Plan for week 3. I'm going to be traveling for work from Sunday through next Friday, so I don't need any added hassle of trying to remember how many points I have. Also, it may be hard to find a variety of choices since I won't have a car. I may have to find one or two things that work and have them every day. Anyway, it just seems like it would be added things to worry about that I don't need.

Also, I discovered today that I have been eating too few points. Apparently I had a senior moment when calculating them before and came up with 25 per day when it should be 28. I will admit to struggling over whether or not to change my points because the fat girl voice in my head started all this babble about how I will gain weight if I do that, and while I'm at it, wouldn't I lose faster if I did something like 20 points? I told her to shut up and go away. Me and skinny girl don't need her 'advice' - it's what got us in this mess to begin with. Anyway, I redid my spreadsheet where I track my meals to show the new 28 points per day. So what if she was right and I gain weight? Well, I guess that's a risk I have to take. I refuse to look at this as a short term solution. This is a change in my life habits that I am trying to make. There's not a day when I will magically 'be finished'. This is a journey. I have every confidence that as long as I do what I have committed to do, everything will work itself out. Plus, I have read that eating too few points messes up your metabolism and sets you up to have to live off of really small amounts of food to not gain weight during maintenance. Who wants that? Not me! Better to get that sorted early on.

So I begin Week 3 with a really good feeling of good things to come. Plus, I'll take my one pound loss. That's one pound closer to goal, and 8 pounds lighter than I was and that's all good.


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