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Monday, February 4, 2008

Scale tales...

I've been using the regular old (crummy) scales I already have to weigh in. I would have been surprised if they were completely accurate. I knew that going in that my weight is probably anywhere from 2 to 4 pounds more than what it says on this blog. That is ok. My plan was to buy some new digital scales so that I could record the numbers in between, and hoping it would be more accurate.

Sunday at Sam's, I bought this really cool clear digital scale. When I got home, I set it next to the old one. I set 2 15 pound weights on the old one, adjusted the thingy until it said 30 pounds - only about 2 off - not too bad. I then set the weights on the new one - 30 pounds right? How about 28.4! Holy sh*t I was pissed off. The new one has no way to adjust. You just get what you get. After cussing about spending $25 on a piece of %$&* scale, I decided that it might get confusing, but I would just write everything down and try to keep it straight - adding the 1.6 pound each time. Fine. Not fine. This morning, the bleeping thing gave me 5 completely different weights within about 1 minute's time.

After I calmed down, I packed it back into its box along with it's little book of silly weight loss tips, and took it off to work with me. Today at lunch, I returned that worthless piece of junk. So I went back to my old scale, with the old inaccuracy. I'm not going to worry about it (that's a really big deal for me), I am going to continue to weigh on it until I get a good scale. I will then make the necessary adjustments to my stats and move on from there. I can't believe that. In the old days I would have been really depressed about the possibility (more like probability) of having to adjust my weights up. Maybe I really am making the right kinds of changes in my life. Maybe this really is for real. Maybe that's why I feel so confident that I will be successful this time. Maybe I'm finally growing up instead of out.

For now, I'm 232. That's 2 pounds away from my mini-goal of 10 pounds. Woohoo!

1 comment:

Elaine said...

8lbs in a week is really good. Keep it up!!