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Friday, February 8, 2008

Big Wendie Day...

Today is Day 4 of Week 2.
Weight: 232

Regarding the 232, this is why I think people should not freak out over a fluctuation. Yesterday was my 21 point Wendie day. That's 5 below my regular, and I walked for 40 minutes. So you KNOW I did not really gain 2 pounds. The day to day weighing I'm doing is to teach myself this so that I can make peace with the scale monster. I don't count any weight until Tuesday mornings.

Anyway I felt sooooo much better yesterday. It's amazing what you can accomplish when it doesn't feel like you have a meat cleaver stuck in your head and someone trying to pulverize your ovaries. :)

I was allowed 21 points. Here's my journal:

3 - 2 Kashi multigrain waffles
1 - 1/4 cup sugarfree syrup
1 - 1 t. butter

5 - ww dinner
0 - salad
1 - Lite Italian

4 - fat free hotdogs (I know, but I was hungry and tired)
2 - bread
2 - Kraft FF singles

1 - lite English muffin
1 - lite Laughing Cow wedge

Points: 22 (just realized today that I had left off my salad dressing from lunch - so I'm 1 pt over)
Total Water: 64oz+
Activity: 40 minute brisk walk in park with boys

So today was my high point Wendie day - 36 points! Wow that's been weird because it's still way less food than I might have eaten a month ago, but I'm so full. I'm going to have to figure out a better way to do this next week. I don't want to stretch my stomach out. I think I'm going to add several fruits to my menu next time to add up points without volume. I did venture out today to a Chinese restaurant. You would be so proud. I ordered steamed chicken with broccoli and white rice. I figured the chicken at roughly 6 oz. The broccoli was about a cup. I got it take out, so when I went to get the rice out I was trying to figure out how much was a cup - knowing the little container was probably more. So what I did was to get a 12oz coffee cup and put the rice in. It all fit, so it must have been 12 oz. So I dumped it back out and divided into 3 4oz piles and then threw one of them away. I should have only had one of the piles, because I'm now apparently used to eating only 1/2 cup of rice. I NEVER would have believed that a month ago. Anyway I really should have stopped eating before I was done because it really was too much food. Next time I'll know to eat only 4 oz of rice if I'm eating that much broccoli and chicken. Anyway, I'm on my way home now. Still got 11 points to eat tonight after walking. I probably won't post again until Monday morning. Still haven't told hubby about this site yet.

Have a great weekend - on plan!

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