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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

28 points is a lot of food

Weight: 230 (Where was that yesterday during my 'official' weigh in!)

This morning I'm back down to 230. That's what was so frustrating about yesterday. I KNOW that I really weighed 230 yesterday, but I'm only logging my weight on Tuesday mornings. Oh well. As long as I start going down from there, who cares really?

Monday was my first day on the 28 points that I just found out I should be eating based on my current weight. I never would have thought that I would say 28 points is a lot of food, but I ate, I snacked, and I still ended up shoving down 2 Kashi oatmeal & chocolate cookies at 9PM just to make the 28 points. I was too full to try and eat 4 points worth of fruit. I'm going to have to plan better. I spend my points rather frugally - trying to get the most for the least, so having 28 it's hard to eat that much. It feels like all I'm doing is eating. I guess I need to start cooking my lunch and having a good sized chicken breast or something. Anyway, here's my journal for Monday.

Week 3, Day 1 Points Allowed: 28

1 - 2 slices of WW bread
1 - lite Laughing Cow wedge
4 - 2 eggs scrambled in ff cooking spray

4 - Healthy Choice chicken w/roasted potatoes, veggies, AND cherry crisp
1 - salad with 2 T lite Ranch dressing

5 - chicken tenders cooked in ff cooking spray
3 - green beans with potatoes
2- low fat burrito tortilla
0 - lettuce

1 - WW yogurt
1 - banana
1 - WW snack cake
4 - 2 Kashi oatmeal & chocolate chip chewy cookies

Total points: 28
Water: 64+ oz
Activity: Brisk walk in park, about 30-40 minutes

See - isn't that just a ton of food? Fat girl in my head kept screaming at me that I shouldn't be eating all that because I'll gain. Funny how she used to always tell me to eat, eat, eat. Or not to bother because there's no way I could possibly hang in long enough to lose 100 pounds. Now I think I've got her running (waddling) scared because she's changed her tactics. Instead of trying to make me eat high point foods, she's trying to get me to cut my points down to about 20 to 'make sure I lose, and make it happen faster because we can't wait all year to lose this weight'. I guess she's resorting to that because WW takes all the power away from her old tactic by not making you deprive yourself. No food is taboo. First of all, there are healthier alternatives readily available if you want. But, if what you want is something from taco bell, cake, a hamburger, etc... that's perfectly ok. You just have to account for it. I'm sure there will come a day when I'm dying for taco bell. When that day comes, I'll go to the Taco Bell nutrition information and calculate the points for the things I want. As long as I stay at 28 points, I can have it. That's what makes this work so well for me. The power has been taken away from all of those things because they're no longer 'forbidden'.

Feeling more confident every day. Onward!

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