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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week 50, Day 1

Weight: 223 Points Target: 27

Breakfast - 3 points
2 1c Kashi Go Lean
.5 Clementine Cutie
.5 1/2c Unsweetened Almond Breeze (20 cal)

I had this with a cup of Vanilla Caramel tea with about a teaspoon of Almond Breeze & a Sweet 'n Low. Also had a pint bottle of water.

I really should have had more points than this, or at least a snack, but I was in and out of my office all morning and didn't have time.

Lunch - 8.5 points

6 Beans w/Brown Rice
1 Lite Laughing Cow cheese - stirred in gives it a real comfort food texture
1 1T Lite Ranch
0 1c Romaine leaves (forgot all my other stuff at home)
.5 1 Clementine Cutie

I also had another pint of bottled water and a Diet RC.

Nothing fancy like some of the others I've seen, but this is all made from stuff I already had in my desk and the work fridge. Not bad considering it wasn't planned and brought from home right?

I have 14.5 points left which is more than I like to leave for the end of the day. I need to get a snack before I go home I think.

I'm also having trouble with these pictures. When I add them they automatically go to the top and won't let me move them - I can skootch them down and type above them, but I can't swap their positions. So what I can't figure out is how you guys go back into a post and add pics since the last one added goes to the top. Are you editing the HTML? I tried cut and paste, but couldn't get that to work. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

More later - I hope!

Week 50 HYC Check In

Weight: 223

Healthy You Challenge Goals for Week 50:
1. Journal all my food
2. Stay on plan
3. 64+ ounces water per day
4. Earn 20 APs
5. Walk minimum of 25 minutes, 7 days
6. Run minimum of 20 minutes, 3 days
7. Minimum 50 ab crunches, 7 days
8. Eat 5 fruit/veg servings per day, 7 days

I'll be posting something longer hopefully today, but I'm trying very hard to get back on track. I think I know what my problem has been and I'll share that with you guys in that post.

I'm going to try 1 old thing - posting all my food, and 1 new thing - taking food pics. I love looking at Angie's blog and seeing all that beautiful food. It looks so wholesome. I think taking pics and posting them will also force me to eat healthier as I won't want you guys to see me eating crap will I?

I'll be in a class for work Wed-Fri this week, so I'm not sure how much I will be able to photo without being a weirdo, but I'll see what I can do.

I set goals that I should be able to attain this week, and that should net me a couple pound loss. Wish me luck!