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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week 50, Day 1

Weight: 223 Points Target: 27

Breakfast - 3 points
2 1c Kashi Go Lean
.5 Clementine Cutie
.5 1/2c Unsweetened Almond Breeze (20 cal)

I had this with a cup of Vanilla Caramel tea with about a teaspoon of Almond Breeze & a Sweet 'n Low. Also had a pint bottle of water.

I really should have had more points than this, or at least a snack, but I was in and out of my office all morning and didn't have time.

Lunch - 8.5 points

6 Beans w/Brown Rice
1 Lite Laughing Cow cheese - stirred in gives it a real comfort food texture
1 1T Lite Ranch
0 1c Romaine leaves (forgot all my other stuff at home)
.5 1 Clementine Cutie

I also had another pint of bottled water and a Diet RC.

Nothing fancy like some of the others I've seen, but this is all made from stuff I already had in my desk and the work fridge. Not bad considering it wasn't planned and brought from home right?

I have 14.5 points left which is more than I like to leave for the end of the day. I need to get a snack before I go home I think.

I'm also having trouble with these pictures. When I add them they automatically go to the top and won't let me move them - I can skootch them down and type above them, but I can't swap their positions. So what I can't figure out is how you guys go back into a post and add pics since the last one added goes to the top. Are you editing the HTML? I tried cut and paste, but couldn't get that to work. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

More later - I hope!

Week 50 HYC Check In

Weight: 223

Healthy You Challenge Goals for Week 50:
1. Journal all my food
2. Stay on plan
3. 64+ ounces water per day
4. Earn 20 APs
5. Walk minimum of 25 minutes, 7 days
6. Run minimum of 20 minutes, 3 days
7. Minimum 50 ab crunches, 7 days
8. Eat 5 fruit/veg servings per day, 7 days

I'll be posting something longer hopefully today, but I'm trying very hard to get back on track. I think I know what my problem has been and I'll share that with you guys in that post.

I'm going to try 1 old thing - posting all my food, and 1 new thing - taking food pics. I love looking at Angie's blog and seeing all that beautiful food. It looks so wholesome. I think taking pics and posting them will also force me to eat healthier as I won't want you guys to see me eating crap will I?

I'll be in a class for work Wed-Fri this week, so I'm not sure how much I will be able to photo without being a weirdo, but I'll see what I can do.

I set goals that I should be able to attain this week, and that should net me a couple pound loss. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Week 34 HYC Check In

Checking in after about 2 months away...

As you may have noticed, I've been gone for a while. I'll go more into this later (tomorrow hopefully), but basically I traveled for business for most of a month during which I worked insane hours in a town where the food choices are very limited. I did ok for that month, up and down about 6 pounds.

When I got back home, the hurricanes (Gustav and Ike) resulted in 2 of my projects getting jammed up with 2 others. I just thought the hours were crazy until October! I ended up working hours like 5 am to 7:30 pm and then 6 to 8 hours on both Saturday and Sundays. Again, more bad eating and worse, no exercise. Seriously, I haven't been able to go running in well over a month. I think I went once. There were only a few days when I got home before dark, and all but 2 of them I was so tired that I just went to bed.

Anyway, long and short of it is - I've been eating poorly, not drinking enough water, and getting virtually no exercise for way too long. I've gained some weight back, but not all of it. I'm not going to weigh myself this week because I think I need to be completely positive for a while. I may not weigh next week either. I will commit to blogging my food so that you guys can keep me on track. It worked for me in the past, I know it will work this time as well. As for the exercise, I'm still working some long hours (10-12 hours a day) until Thanksgiving anyway. I think I finally can get away long enough at lunch to walk for 30 minutes - I brought my shoes today, but I couldn't get away. I am really upset about the running. I was up to almost 3 miles in August and was planning on running a 5K on Thanksgiving. I probably couldn't run 5 blocks right now. Total bummer to have lost all that fitness. Anyway, I am hoping to get my treadmill in on Saturday so keep your fingers crossed. I hate that I have to start all over, but what can I do about it?

So guys, I'm calling on you all for support. I really need it to get back on track here. Once I've made it 2 weeks without going off plan, I know that I will be steady again. Until then, I need your help.

Well, lunch is over - gotta get to a meeting. Here's my food for today:


4 pts 1c Kashi Go Lean w/Kroger Lite Vanilla yogurt


1 Banana


13 Brown rice pilaf w/red beans
1 Salad with 1 t. Ranch

That's 19 pts . I'm having an orange for an afternoon snack, and then I have 6 points for dinner. I'll update all that tomorrow. I'm doing 26 points and trying to not use any flex in this week 1.

I won't earn any APs today - Does exercising my right to vote count for points? lol

I have had 2 veg and 1 fruit so far. Will have 1 more with the orange later, and 2+ in a salad tonight. So I'm doing good there.

I'm behind on water, so I'm going to fill up my glass now.

Wish me luck guys! It's good to be back.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weight Watchers Success and Props to My Peeps

I've had several people ask me lately how I'm losing weight. There's always someone that when I say WW, they roll their eyes and say, "I've tried that. It didn't work."

I can relate. I did it once before in the late 80's and lost weight pretty fast for several weeks and then lost interest. So what's different this time around?

For one thing, this time I was inspired by reading the blogs of some really cool ladies that lost large amounts of weight with WW -
Gettin' Shrunk, Angie All the Way, and Mousearoo to name a few. They offered me something that I desperately needed - HOPE. I read their stories (all the way back from the beginning) and looked at the pictures, and for the first time I actually could envision myself losing 100 pounds. It never even occurred to me that it was possible before. The most I was even aiming for was maybe 20 or 30 pounds because 100 just seemed like too much to hope for - until I saw the proof right there in front of me. They also made me want to blog. I knew that it would help me to be accountable and stay interested.

From there, I found other blogs. I started commenting, which led to people commenting back in return as well as new people following the comment back to me. I never imagined how much the support of my new blogging friends would come to mean to me. Just knowing that there are people that actually care enough to read what I write and to leave comments motivates me to try my hardest. The encouragement I receive is just invaluable.

From my blogger idols, I learned to set goals - and break them down into smaller, easier to achieve goals. This has helped me tremendously. Trying to lose 100 pounds is HUGE. Trying to lose 10 is something I can look in the eye.

I also learned about all kinds of new and exciting food from reading blogs. Thanks to Angie we're using Almond Breeze in place of the more expensive and (I feel) less healthy cow or soy milk. I learned about barley and quinoa, and the wonders of brown rice.

I learned that the successful WW'ers are pretty faithful with food journaling and keeping up with AP's and Flex. I learned that not eating enough food can really REALLY result in weight gain or plateau. I mean, really, I'd heard that before but I didn't believe it until the people I believed in told me their real, true stories.

I have learned so much from blogs, blogging, and the web in general. If someone were to ask me what the most important weight loss tool in my arsenal is, I'd have to say 'an internet connection'.

So thank you my friends for never failing to teach and inspire me.

Here's a list of some other helpful hints
How to Make Weight Watchers Work for You.

HYC Week 30 Check In & Goals

Weight: 203 Check out the new trophy in my case!

Hello all!

I am back after a long, and much needed, break. More about that in another post. Suffice it to say that I am refocused and ready to get back to work and get serious about knocking off my remaining 60 pounds.

One thing I have learned from experience is that my success is dependent upon setting achievable goals that I know will get me where I want to go. Otherwise, I'm just wandering aimlessly, getting nowhere really.

Here are my HYC Goals for Week 30:

Water 64+ oz 7/70/7
Journal food 7/70/7
Stay on plan 7/70/7
Run 30 min per day 4/40/4
Earn 25 AP's 25/250/25
Take vitamins 7/70/7
5 fruits/veg 4/40/4
Pushup Challenge 3/30/3
200 Crunches 200/2000/200

This sounds like a lot, but it should be achievable. I often find that I do better when I have more to do than when I have less to do. Is that strange?

Anyway, my real focus is to stick to these goals with the hope of hitting 199 over the next 2 weeks. I think that's realistic. I guess we'll see.

I may be posting daily achievements to keep me on track and accountable. That's helped me in the past.

Can't wait to catch up on all of your blogs.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I've been on a break...

As you may have noticed (I hope anyway!), I have been away for a while.

It started when I took the week of July 4th off from work. I haven't been blogging or consistently counting/journalling points since then.

Everything is still going well (check my tickers and stats!) and I have been keeping up with the exercising - I can run 40 minutes without stopping and I can run about 2.5 miles now.

I will be getting back to counting points, journalling food, setting goals, and blogging starting with tomorrow's HYC check in.

I can't wait to catch up on what everyone is doing, I've missed you all terribly. I just needed some time away from having my entire life focused on the mechanics of weight loss. I am now ready to jump back in and tackle my remaining 60 pounds.

More tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Week 25 HYC Check In

As you may, or may not, have noticed I've been away for a few days. I don't have to tell any fellow blogger that rarely means that it's because we're just working the program so hard we didn't have time to write. I got a little off track for a few days. Not sure why, although it's TOM and I have had the emotional symptoms of that pretty bad for a few days - all antsy, hungry, and mean - really, ask DH if you don't believe me ;)

Anyway, I really didn't do anything bad or eat a bunch of junk, I just didn't do most of the things I normally do. I was fine up until Friday afternoon. Since then I didn't drink all of my water some days, didn't get my 5 fruits/veg every day, didn't journal, didn't 'officially' count points, etc... I did keep rough track in my head, just didn't feel like writing it down. I also did NOT weigh myself today as TOM has my guts feeling all heavy and swollen. After being off track for a few days, I did not need any mental crap to deal with. I am back today counting, writing, fruiting/vegging, hydrating, etc... so I have already moved on.

Things did go pretty well on the exercise front at least. On Friday I met one of my BIG personal mini goals. Are you ready........

I RAN 30 MINUTES WITHOUT STOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't even that hard!

I was so excited I just couldn't believe I had really done that. I remember when we first started exercising and we would huff and puff up this one really big hill. More often than not, runner-guy (that's what we call him) would run past us up the hill and then once or twice more before we'd made the big park loop. I remember saying, "That's ok. One day I will run the entire park loop, including the hills." When I said it, I only kind of believed it, but I kept saying it just the same. It was so cool to actually achieve that goal. Saturday I just walked because neither of us felt well, and I wanted to give my legs a well-deserved rest. Sunday we didn't do anything but chores. Now you know how obsessive my personality is, so you can guess what I did last night. I had told myself that I wasn't going to do the 30 again for a week, and instead go back to interval runs - upping the time. Well, last night I got to worrying that it was all some kind of fluke and that I couldn't REALLY run 30 minutes straight. So I did it again - 32 minutes actually, just for good measure - just to prove I can really do it. I am still in shock. I think I will only do the 30 once a week and do the intervals the other days. I don't want to risk injury, and I think the interval training is helping. I have actually chilled and am only running M/W/F/Sa now, and walking or doing some other exercise the other days. I think I've proven to my stupid brain that I actually do better when I don't run every day.

Not so good news on the 100 Pushup Challenge. I actually forgot to do them on Wednesday and Friday. Seriously. Is that not sad? I guess I need to write it in my journal. I was going to start over yesterday, but we moved a sectional sofa on Sunday and I hurt my left bicep. The right one is just sore - like I moved a couch - but the left feels like I actually HURT it. It hurts just to touch it. My elbow on that arm hurts also. So pushups, even girly ones, are out until it heals. I am planning to re-start that program on Monday.

So, that's it. Sorry it's so long. Hope you all had a good week.

Here are my Week 25 goals - which I promise to work a little harder this time:

Water 64+ oz 7/70/7
Journal food 7/70/7
5 fruits & veg 7/70/7
Stay on plan 7/70/7
Run 30 min per day 4/40/4
Earn 30 AP's 30/300/30

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HYC Check In - Week 24

Weight: 207 (-3)

Well the 206 didn't stick, but I ate late again last night, so maybe it'll be back. I'll gladly take the 207 which puts me 8 pounds down from the fake weight that scale boy gave me last Wednesday, and 3 pounds down from what I'm pretty sure I really weighed which was 210. I had weighed 210 every day that week except WI day - and now that it's a week later and I'm 207 I'm even more convinced that I really weighed 210 because it's hard to believe I lost 8 pounds. Anyway 3 pounds sounds good and I'll take it.

I did good on my HYC goals for Week 23. Here's the final status report:

Water 64+ oz 7/77/7
Journal food 7/77/7
5 fruits & veg 7/76/7
Stay on plan 7/77/7
Run 30 min per day 4/46/4
Earn 30 AP's 30/3036/30

I actually hit every goal except for the 5 fruits/veg. I had one day where I was short by 3. But 6 out of 7 days for me is still most excellent.

So I am awarding myself the following:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Not too bad huh? Looking forward to checking in on all of you.

Monday, June 16, 2008

100 Pushup Challenge - Week 1, Day 1

Sad really. Honestly, I don't know how I get through life with so little upper body strength. It's downright embarrassing.

That said, here's my

Week 1, Day 1 100 Pushup Challenge Report:

Level 1: 2 DONE
Level 2: 2 DONE
Level 3: 2 DONE
Level 4: 2 DONE
Level 5: 5 DONE

What's so sad is that not even one of those was a real 'true form' pushup - even of the girly variety. As I remember telling someone back when I actually could do pushups years ago, "You can't do a pushup without trying to do a pushup." In other words, the only way that you can develop the muscles that you need to do a pushup is to do the closest thing to a pushup that you can. So, that's what I did. I really did try to do a good form girl push up, but I fell to the ground and could NOT lift back up. So what I did was to just go as low as I could without going so far down I fell. It was a good work out. The muscles in front of my armpits are still twitching.

So what I'm going to have to do is to go through the program doing bad girl pushups until I can do a good one. Then I'll start over with that until I can do a true pushup, then I'll start over with that. After all, the goal is not to be 'finished' in 6 weeks, but rather to achieve 100 real pushups without stopping. It's just going to take me a while to get there, but I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!

Onward and upward - or downward maybe since it's pushups.

Hope you all did better than I did. :)

Weekend update...

Well, I've done pretty well this week. Scale boy seems to actually be reflecting that too. He's been giving me progressively smaller numbers over the last few days. This morning, he actually said 206! I don't know if that will stick or not, but I sure hope it does. That would put me only 7 pounds away from One-derland - where I so long to take up permanent residence.

I actually decided to take Saturday off from exercising. I decided early in the day, so I didn't feel like I just lazed out - it was a decision that I actively made. I know I sound a little obsessive - because I am - about the exercise thing. It's just that I'm so determined not to lose any ground on the progress I've made, or risk slipping into a non-exercising slump. So, decision made, I enjoyed giving my shrinking body a well-deserved rest.

I almost ended up missing running last night - that had miss obsessive freaked out let me tell you - because DH kept f*cking around and it got late. Then he got a phone call that he really did have to take, and that took about 40 minutes. It was 8pm then and he didn't want to go any more. I was going to take Turnip (my agressive little pride 'n joy) with me and go alone, but DH then decided he didn't want me going there alone so he came with and sat on the tailgate making sure no one got me while I was running. Since I took Saturday off, I was determined to do my 3 10/1's. My legs were not so sure. It was like running through molasses. 3 minutes into the 2nd 10 I was already making deals with myself about only running for 20 minutes, or maybe at least splitting it up into 5's or 6's. When it actually came time to the end of the 2nd 10, my obsessive voice overpowered my old fat voice and said, "Are you kidding me? You're not going backwards to running 20 minutes. Just for that, you'll do 35. Do you have anything to say about that, cause we can keep adding minutes if that's what you want?" So, fat-voice shut up and my legs somehow kept running for a 3rd 10 minutes. After 1 minute walking, I did another 5 minutes just to show me who was boss. Also, I had it in my head that I needed to get 6 APs...

I have done pretty well on the HYC challenge except that was one short of getting my 5 fruits/vegs in yesterday. Poop! Other than that, I've done well.

64+ oz water - CHECK
journal food - CHECK
5 fruits/veg - 4/5 days
stay on plan - CHECK
Run 30 min 4/7 days - CHECK (5/7 days so far)
Earn 30 APs - CHECK

Also today I am starting my 100 pushup challenge. I'll be starting with girl pushups because I can't do even 1 of the other kind. I'm ashamed to say that I can only do a couple of girl ones. I'm getting ready to run to the grocery at lunch to pick up some lunch stuff for the week. When I return I'll shut the door and get started on them. Hope no one walks in to see me on the floor in my skirt doing girly pushups and looking (I'm sure) like I'm gonna die. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm so exicted to see so many familiar names on the challenge list. This is going to be great!

Gotta go now - wish me luck on staying at 206 or lower for WI tomorrow!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Crunches challenge

Kitzzy asked about a Crunches Challenge. What a great idea! I looked and could only find challenges that strived to get 1000 per week, or 10000 per year. I'm looking for something like the pushups and C5K where it's basically a training program.

I wish I knew more about this stuff, we could make up our own. I'm wondering if we couldn't use the same formula for the pushups one for the situps? I don't know how many we should be building to, or how fast. When I was in my 20's and 30's, I used to do 100 situps every morning and also before going out. Then more during step class.

So the question is, what is the crunch equivalent of 100 pushups or a 5K? What number is hard enough to take 6-8 weeks to get there, but is reasonable for a person starting out to strive for? 200, 250? Is that enough?

Does anyone have any ideas for this? Does one of you have/know a trainer that you could ask what a reasonable goal is?

I'd love to do this if we can figure out a plan.

So far so good...

Weight: 209

OMG, I accidentally typed that as 290 the first time! What would you think of me then if I actually gained 80 pounds since yesterday. Better question, what would you think of scale boy?

Anyway, I was happy to see the 209 this morning - so happy I'm not even upset to give up a point. I'm at 25 points as of today instead of 26. Woohoo!

Started out to do an 'easy' run (I swear I don't know who I am any more) last night. I've been trying to stick to the 3 10/1's on M/W/F/Sa and do 30 min of running, but in easier increments on Tu/Th/Su. Anyway, I was planning on doing 6 5/1's, then I started thinking how if I did 6/1's I'd only have to do 5 intervals instead of 6. So I decided on 6, but when I looked at my watch, I had already run almost 7 without realizing it (again - who am I?) so then I had one minute to make a decision. I decided to do 4 7/1's and a final 2 min run. The first 7 went really easy. I was relaxed and it was no biggie. The 2nd one was a little harder, and the last one passed being fun at about the 3 min mark. All that said, I completed it and that's what matters. The workout also included about 15 min of brisk walking for a total of 45 min exercise.

Ate late again last night, but it was pretty light. DH had bar-b-qued chicken breasts before I got home, so all I had to do was nuke it and pour some salad out of a bag - et Voila! It was really good. I looked it up and had plenty of points, so I ate the delicious crispy skin and all. YUMMY!

HYC Checkup

64+oz water - CHECK
journal food - CHECK
5 fruits/veg - CHECK
stay on plan - CHECK
Run 30 min 4/7 days - 3 days so far
Earn 30 AP's - 18/30 earned so far

In other news, I found this new challenge that I'm going to start next week. It's like the couch to 10K only for pushups. At the end, you should be able to do 100 pushups without stopping. For me, this will be like having a heavy sofa on top of me to a 10K, since when I did the test I could only muster one decent push up - and decent is probably being kind. Anyway, I've always hated not having any upper body strength, and I am planning on wearing a slinky dress to the Christmas party this year. It would be nice to get more fit and have a killer back and arms for the dress. I'm slightly skeptical of this one, but then again it's only been 2 months that I went from barely being able to run 1 minute to being able to run 10 with relative ease. For any of you who want to join me in this foolishness, here's the link:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My scale and I are trying to work things out...

Weight: 210

Ok, I know I said all those bad things about him, and it's true - he does frequently lie to me and make me feel bad, but this morning he said he was sorry and he seemed so sincere. He also told me I really do weigh 210, and also that I'm looking pretty good these days. What can I say, I'm taking him back - on a trial basis. I did tell him that if he did it again he is out and that I will replace him with a newer, sleeker, more high-tech model. I think he's going to be on his best behavior.

Sorry - feeling a little silly this morning. Must be the fasting. I had my annual exam this morning and it required that I fast and have blood drawn. So it was 9:30 AM before I got to eat breakfast and I'm used to eating between 5:30 and 7:00. I'm a little lightheaded.

As you can see from the above, my scale read 210 this morning. Curious to see how much it's off from the doctor's office scale, I put on my clothes and weighed again so that I could see how much I weigh at home in those clothes and compare it. 213 it said. Strangely, it's not far off. The doc's office scale told me 214. That's good to know. I've always been prepared to add another 2-4 pounds to what i think I weigh because most home scales read lighter than the fancy medical ones. Maybe scale-boy isn't so bad after all. Hmmm.

I changed docs last year when mine was unavailable, and I really like this one. She actually 'talked' to me about things. We talked for about 10 minutes after my exam - I've never had a doc do that. I was 20 lbs lighter this visit than last time, and she was so excited for me. She kept saying, "Way to go! Great job!" She was also really happy to hear about my 7 day a week exercising and had some really nice things to say, as well as recommending a book on nutrition called "The Omnivore's Dilemma" which I don't really know too much about, but since I'm trying to eat more natural foods I'm going to check out. Another interesting thing, I found out today that I am shorter than I thought. The thing at the docs office said I am 5' 5", which is what I was in high school. Someone told me in the early 90's that I was 5' 7", but either I shrunk (not the way I want to shrink!) 1.5 ", or they were wrong. Anyway, that means I need to look at some calculations that I have that are partly based on height.

HYC checkup

64+oz water - CHECK
journal food - CHECK
5 fruits/veg - CHECK
Stay on plan - CHECK
Run 30 min 4/7 days - 2 days so far
Earn 30 AP's - 12 of 30 earned

Oh here's something else I'm proud of. I felt really bad when I got home yesterday. I was cranky and tired and just felt like poo in general. Also it was 95 degrees and humid. I did not feel like working out at all, especially since Wednesday is one of my regular run/walk days and I'm working on the 10 min intervals now. My husband even suggested that we take a day off. I have only missed 2 days exercise I think in about 3 months, so I just couldn't. I said that I would go, but I didn't think I was going to do my 3 10/1's. DH suggested I walk. Well, by the time I got out there, my obsessive personality had taken over and I ended up doing the 3 10/1's anyway. The first one was actually almost effortless even. The last 2 were a right b*tch, but I did them anyway. It may not have looked pretty, or been fast, but I maintained a jogging motion moving generally forward at all times just the same. It was ugly running, but it was still running. I was so proud of myself. In my old life, I was always the fat girl with all the excuses. Now my inner voice is pushing me forward instead of pushing me down. It's like the good voice and the bad voice have switched places - or the power they have shifted. Geez, reading that back I sound like a schizo or something with all the 'voices' talk. Oh well, if this is crazy, I'll take a second helping please :)

I am looking forward to getting my bloodwork results in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know if there's any improvement. In the mean time, I feel fit, well fed, and in control.

Life is good today ladies. I hope you all have wonderful days as well.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Goal Check

HYC Goal Check for Tuesday:

64+ oz water - CHECK
Journal food - CHECK
Min 5 fruit/veg servings - CHECK
Stay on plan - CHECK
Run 30 min 4/7 days - 1 of 4 CHECK
Earn 30 AP's - 6 of 30 earned

I used to run only on M/W/F/Sa and walk the other days. Lately I've been running every day. I don't want to overdo, so I'm trying to run easier intervals on those old walk days. Yesterday was a walk day. I did 5 6/1 intervals + an extra 15 min walk. My legs were so tired yesterday. It was even cooler than usual after the rain, and I normally don't have tired legs until near the end. They were tired from the start yesterday. I was so glad it was an 'easy' day. There's no way I could've run 8-10 minutes. I had to fight for the 5 6/1's.

Ended up eating really late last night. I have to quit doing that. I just don't want to eat any APs I haven't earned, and it was late by the time we got back from running and my brown rice was done. I have extra for today though.

I decided to let the scale live another day. It said 212 this morning, which was a little easier on the ego. Hopefully I can stick to all of my goals for this week and I'll see a loss next Tuesday morning.

I have to go to the doctor tomorrow for my annual. I absolutely HATE that. The only good thing is that I will have bloodwork to compare to last year's. I am curious to see how much/if any difference in cholesterol and such.

Oh well, I have a ton of stuff to do at work so I gotta run. Still catching up on your blogs. Thanks for the encouraging words yesterday - you guys are the greatest.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Week 23 HYC Check In - 215

215. Well crap!

I'm so mad at my scale. It had the nerve to tell me I gained 5 pounds last week. That little lying piece of s....

Anyway, I don't see how it could be true. I had that night I told you about, but I did not eat ten thousand extra calories over plan. That was Wednesday and I did pretty well with staying on plan Thursday through yesterday. Also, I ran 30 minutes a day, every day but Sunday. Yesterday I actually did 3 10/1 intervals at that hilly-ass park.

I did NOT gain 5 pounds. Did I? No, I really don't think I did. I did end up eating dinner late yesterday, and it was on the salty side (sausage - healthy turkey low fat sausage, but that's probably still salty), and I didn't do that well on water at all while I was in Dallas. They only let me out 3 times a day, and I cannot drink the amount of water I drink and make it with only 3 tinkle breaks in 9 hours. We were out of the good water at home, and I left my water cup at home on Monday. Sorry excuses I know, but it added up to me not getting all the water I should. I'm really hoping that has something to do with it.

I'm nothing if not honest though, so I did update my numbers - even my badge was exchanged for a 25 pound one (sniff sniff). Full disclosure. I have posted my Week 23 HYC goals, and I am gritting my teeth and trudging on. Even if it turns out I really did defy the laws of science and gain 5 pounds for real, I REFUSE to be knocked down. It's like yesterday, I was 3 min from completing my 3rd 10 min run and still had the biggest hill in the park to run up. It was so hot and humid and my legs were really tired. It was hard. That made me mad for some reason, so I started running faster. I ran up that hill as fast as I could. It really made me feel better.

I will do this. I may get pushed back, but I will not be pushed down. I will keep eating right, drinking my water, journaling, and running. I won't quit no matter what that *(@%ing scale says. I'm going to give it a talking to tonight, and it had better get it's sh*t together by tomorrow morning or I'm liable to take a hammer to it. Wonder how many APs that would burn?

Can't wait to read all of your blogs. I need some inspiration.

Friday, June 6, 2008

It's a tie...

Hello all...

This has gotta be really quick, but I didn't want to leave without posting something.

In the battle of me v. the road, it's pretty much a draw. I had some really good moments, the road had a few as well. Brief summary:

Working out - I did awesome with that. I worked out a minimum of an hour a day, which I have never done on the road. I ran every day. One day I even ran 3 10 minute intervals + a 7 minute. Yep, me. Can ya believe it? I earned something like 34 APs I think that week.

Food - meh. I did pretty good here. I went to the grocery store the first day and bought fruit for snacks. I did pretty good with meals. I ate some stuff I wouldn't have eaten at home, but I wrote it all down and I didn't go over my Flex. I normally don't eat all my flex, but I did use almost all of them this time.

So - I was doing pretty good until the trip home on Wednesday night. I ended up having the chicken quesadillas at Friday's - it's not a full portion, so that's not terrible. What wasn't too good was that I also had a giant margarita - yes, it was in fact giant. Then I had er 'some' beers. I'll leave it at that. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, I got upgraded to first class and the guy next to me asked me if the margaritas were any good. I really had just been wondering that I told him. He asked the flight attendant. She said they were good, but they were really good if you added the little bottle of Grand Marnier. "How about I bring you a couple and you can check them out?" she said as she jumped on me and twisted my arm painfully behind my back. "Drink it! Drink it, or I'll throw you off this plane!" she screamed at me. It was so painful and I was so terrified that I did what any sane person would do and agreed to have the margarita. (Note: portions of the previous story may be less than true.) So, I have no idea how many points all that sh*t was, I don't think my journal goes up that high. Anyway, it was fun at least. I think the road won this round.

When I weighed Wednesday morning, it said 210 (no change). Meh, I guess I can live with that. Since I didn't get to work out Wednesday, I ran last night at the park instead of walking. I really wanted to see if running the 10 minute intervals on the treadmill was a fluke due to maybe the treadmill being easier than outdoors (this was my DHs opinion and it was starting to get to me), so I decided I would run until it seemed like I should stop and see how long that was. I got all the way around the park to the bottom of the big hill. I had never run anywhere near that far before. I looked at my stop watch. TWELVE minutes! Can you freaking believe that? I walked about 3 minutes - until I got up the tough part of that big hill, and then ran another 12 minutes. The first 12 was almost effortless - the 2nd, not so much. I worked pretty hard to get from 9 to 12 minutes on that last one. I still can't believe it. I think I will run either 6 or 7 minute intervals a few times as the 12 seemed a little over my head and I don't want to hurt myself.

Weighed this morning and saw 212. yuck. Oh well, it could be Wednesday night paying me back, or it could be from abusing myself with the 12 minute runs. Not sure, but I'm going to try to get my sh*t together for the rest of the week. I'd love to see 208 next Tuesday.

Well, gotta go. I can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs - I'm so far behind from having a craptastic internet connection while I was in Dallas, and from being swamped at work.

Have a great weekend ladies....

Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday and I'm outta here...

First, my HYC Goals checkup:

  • 64+ oz water 7 days 3/7
  • Journal food 7 days 3/7
  • Stay on plan 7 days 3/7
  • 4/1 intervals 4 days 1/4
  • Earn 29 APs 10/29
  • Blog 4 days 3/4

Just a quickie...

On my way out the door to go run my 4/1's tonight. Hope it's not too hot and humid - yeah right.

I'm traveling for work on Sunday, so I have the challenge of staying on plan while on the road. I have yet to do well at this, but I am really determined to do it this time. I will have a car and will be by myself, and lunch is NOT brought in - thank goodness. So I have no excuse for not doing well this time. I think the working out will go well as the hotel has a gym and I'm used to working out every day now. So, it's just the food. Wish me luck girls, I'm going to fight with every fiber of my being to conquer the road monster. Oooh! And I got upgraded to first class again - saweeeet! Only a 1 hour flight, but at least it's in comfy seats.

Everyone have a great weekend! I'll be back to blogging on Sunday.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Me - 1, Hills - 0

First, my HYC Goals checkup:
  • 64+ oz water 7 days 2/7
  • Journal food 7 days 2/7
  • Stay on plan 7 days 2/7
  • 4/1 intervals 4 days 1/4
  • Earn 29 APs 7/29
  • Blog 4 days 2/4
Now, on to my big news....

So I told you that Monday I bumped up on my running plan from 3/1 intervals to 4/1 intervals. I did really well, but I did them at the bird sanctuary which is mostly flat. I kept thinking to myself, "yeah, but wait until I try it at the park" which is really hilly. Remember the awful time I had the first time I did the 3/1's and had to go back to doing 2/1's for another week? So I was kind of dreading the run last night at the hilly park, because I feared a repeat of that other incident where I huffed and puffed and suffered when I tried to increase my running time. Also, this is Houston. As Viv and Grumpy Chair can attest, it was hot and really humid yesterday afternoon.

Guess what? I did it! I did it good! There were only a few moments (running uphill for 4 min at a time) where I had to slow down in order to keep going. It wasn't that hard. I could not f'ing believe it. I still can't. I guess at some point I'm going to have to stop allowing those "this is going to suck" thoughts. I was out there doing it without looking like I might die any moment. AND I finished the 30 minutes way ahead (distance-wise) than I did with the 3/1's. I guess that means I must actually run faster than I walk - I walk fast, so that still surprises me. When I was a kid, I got paired with a boy to run the President's Challenge thing (that thing we did in the 60's/early 70's) and he kept complaining to the teacher that I ran too slow. I've always thought of myself as a slowpoke, so I just assumed my running would never be fast no matter how good I got. Now I am open to the possibility that I might not be that slow after all. We'll just see. That stupid little boy is probably fat and bald now. And that evil teacher who paired me up with a boy is probably long dead. I would be lying if I said I didn't snicker a little at that. ;)

So, I gotta run. I just had to tell you guys!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rearrangin' the furniture...

I've been moving some stuff around a bit on my blog to reflect the changes in my mindset lately.

Of note:
  • I created a virtual 'Trophy Case' for my fancy bling. Gotta celebrate those victories!
  • I added a Mini-Goals section for Fitness to be able to focus on things in manageable chunks.
  • I re-arranged my side bar so that my HYC goals stay first and foremost in view (gotta keep the map out if I'm gonna get to my final destination).
  • I moved my Fitness mini goals to be above my Weight mini goals, because (thankfully) that's how my brain seems to be working these days. I'm here to lose weight, of course, but my main priority is now my physical well-being more so than how I look. If I meet my Fitness goals, my Weight is sure to follow.
  • I moved my Progress chart after both of those because, while it's important to see how far I've come, I need to focus all of my energy on where I'm going. Plus, I still have the trophy case for the big picture on that front.

So, pardon the dust. Just working to improve things...

Weigh In, Tuesday May 27th

I'm a day late posting due to a day off from work, but can I have a drum roll please................

Weight: 210!

Woohoo! I weighed on Sunday and saw 210 after all of those days at 214. Then on Monday, it was up to 212. It's TOM, so I didn't worry about it. I'm glad I didn't because it was back to 210 again this morning. I even got on and off the scale about 4 times to make sure.

I am so excited. If you look left, you will see I am sporting a brand new badge to celebrate my now 30 pounds gone! I think I could fly around the room right now. I don't know if I finally broke through my exercise issues, or if the water helped, or if it was eating all of my APs, or what. I'm just going to do this week exactly what I did last week and hope to keep heading down a pound or two a week.

In other news, I 'graduated' to the next level in my running program on Monday. I ran 6 intervals of 4 min run/1 min walk. It wasn't even that hard. Granted it was at the bird sanctuary which is flat, as opposed to the hilly park, so we'll see how hard it is there - but I freaking did it! I even enjoyed it. I'm doing it again tonight, so wish me well. On the foot front, my feet seem to have gone back down to normal size and my shoes are fitting normally again. So, I haven't been having any problems there. That's good news.

Anyway, I've got to go for now, but I'll be checking in on everyone during lunch. I'm jonesing for a blog fix. :)

Week 21 HYC Goals

It worked so well last week, here I go again...

Water 64+ oz 7/7 days
Journal all food 7/7 days
Stay on plan 7/7 days
Run/walk 4/1 intervals 4/4 days
Blog enty days 4/4 days
Activity Points for Week 21 29 APs

I'm modifying the exercise goals because although I plan to exercise 45 min per day minimum 7/7 days, the weather may make that difficult on some days. I'm going to allow myself to 'make up' time if I need to on the weekends.

Wish me luck!

HYC Week 20 Goals - Results

Just a quick post (a day late) to update my results for Week 20 HYC goals:

Goal Checkup for Week 20
Drink 64+ oz water 7/7
Journal all meals and snacks 7/7
Stay on plan 7/7
Run/walk program 3/1 intervals - 4/4
Minimum 45 minutes moderate exercise 3/4 only 20 min on Sunday DH not well - did exercise every day though
Earn minimum 29 activity points by end of day Monday May 26 - 32/29 APs earned
Minimum 4 blog entries - 4/4

So, all in all, I did pretty well. I'll spare you all of the tiny details. I ate almost all of my APs. I think I had one or two I didn't eat. I went into my Flex Points by 20 - but that's not bad considering I did go out on Saturday and drink some beer.

I think this goal thing helped me a lot this past week, so I'm going to keep at it.

Sorry I didn't get to check in yesterday, I was off work and just didn't get to get online at home. I have dial up and I just hate to do it from there. Plus DH hasn't seen my blog yet, andI want to keep it to myself a little longer. I can't wait to catch up with everyone at lunch today.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Another day down...

Goal Checkup for Thursday, May 22nd

Drink 64+ oz water CHECK
Journal all meals and snacks CHECK
Stay on plan CHECK
Run/walk program 3/1 intervals - n/a not a run/walk day
Minimum 45 minutes moderate exercise CHECK
Earn minimum 29 activity points by end of day Monday May 26 - 12/26 APs earned
Minimum 4 blog entries - 3/4

Food Journal:

1 - 2 lite wheat bread

1 - WW cheese slice
4 - 2 eggs scrambled in non-fat cooking spray
1 - WW yogurt
2 - icky white bread slice (why on earth did I eat that?)
6 - beef
4 - tiny amounts of baked beans & potato salad (maybe a T each)
3 - biscotti (yummy and didn't make me feel like crap like that high point cake would've)
1 - WW cheese slice
0 - 0 point veg soup
6 - 2 English muffins with lite Laughing cow wedges
0 - big handful of grape tomatoes (realized at 9PM I'd had almost no veggies)

26 points + 3 APs = 29-29 = 0 points left

Yesterday was a regular exercise day. We got another late start, but it had cooled off some at least. We did a really brisk 50 minute walk around the hilly park and worked up a good sweat. I love that park because it really does give you a cardio workout if you walk very fast at all. We walk at a speed that's as fast as we can go without breaking into a jog.

Still having problems with shoes all of a sudden. I really think it's because they were puffy and it made the shoes not fit like they normally do. Anyway I hope that's what it is. My ankles look all fat and swollen again today. They haven't done that in months. I don't know what's wrong - no more salt than usual. Could the heat do that on its own?

Viv asked me if I'd been fitted for shoes. I haven't yet. In the beginning, I got a pair of discontued NBs on sale at Academy for 39.99. They've done me really well so far. I didn't want to spend too much money (that's been about 4-5 weeks now!) because I guess I couldn't believe I would actually be able to run, or even keep up trying. I didn't want to spend a fortune on 'one more thing I wouldn't follow through on', and to tell the truth I was too embarassed to walk into a running store and tell them I was running. I wasn't having any issues at all until Tuesday - which is the first day my feet have been puffy in so long. So, I don't think it's the shoes, I think it's my stupid feet. My gift to myself for reaching my 'run 30 minutes without stopping' goal is going to be new shoes - from a runner's store. That way, I should have developed a good wear on the NBs so they can tell how I wear on them and all.

So anyway, I'm running tonight and kind of looking forward to it. I hope it's not too hot. I'm off work until Wednesday of next week, so DH and I are planning on getting 2 workout sessions a day in. I don't think I can stand that much walking, so hopefully we'll do some cycling.

I'll try to keep up with my posting during those days, but we'll see...

To all my new American friends, have a great Memorial Day long weekend.
To my new friends in other lands, have yourself a great weekend too.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rollin', rollin', rollin'...

Goal Checkup for Wednesday, May 21st

Drink 64+ oz water CHECK
Journal all meals and snacks CHECK
Stay on plan CHECK
Run/walk program 3/1 intervals - CHECK
Minimum 45 minutes moderate exercise CHECK
Earn minimum 29 activity points by end of day Monday May 26 - 9/26 APs earned
Minimum 4 blog entries - 2/4

Food Journal:

4 - 2 whole grain f/f waffles with 1 t. butter
3 - 2 whole wheat lite bread with 1 lite Laughing Cow wedge and 1 oz turkey
8 - brown rice and pinto beans
1 - apple
0 - large salad w/big handful of grape tomatoes
1 - 1 T lite Ranch
3 - 5 saltines with 2 T peanut butter
3 - pre running Kashi bar
4 - 2 tiny wraps (2 - 2 for 1 pt tortillas, 1 slice WW cheese, 2 oz turkey, lettuce)
1 - apple

26 points + 6 APs = 32-28 = 2 points left

Race report (tee hee):

So yesterday was my second day to run 3/1 intervals this week. I have to tell you I was nervous. I had such a good experience on Monday, but I had the miserable one the week before, so I was so worried that after I went on and on about how great it was that I would fail at it just because I couldn't keep my big yap shut (I know, but this is how my brain works). Just to make things scarier, I got stuck at work almost 2 hours later than usual. It was really hot and humid. My feet and ankles were all swollen for some weird reason which is making my shoes not fit right, and I was starving but it was too late to eat and still run.

Now 6 months ago (if I could have run 6 months ago) all of these things would have triggered an, "Aw f*ck it! I'll just skip tonight because it's not fair that everything is so against me." So, I am proud to tell you that I did run. I ran faster than I did on Monday.

Yep. Good ol GWAP (GirlWithAProblem) hauled up her big girl panties, shut her yap, and just friggin' ran. I know! I can't believe it either. I keep asking DH, "Who is this person?"

It went great. It was easier than the run on Monday actually, even with my shoe bothering me. Here's what's really cool. The park I run in is not that big, so one loop from where we park back to the truck is just under the distance I run/walk doing the 3/1 intervals. Monday I got back to the truck and still had one 3/1 interval + the final 2 min run left so I had to double back. Yesterday I started running farther from the truck than I did on Monday, but when I got back to the truck, I had already done the last 3 minute run. I only had the 1 min walk and the 2 min run left! That means I did the same distance in 3 minutes less time - actually closer to 5 because I started the set farther along the course. DH said I was going faster, but it felt the same to me. That has to be a good sign doesn't it? After that, we walked some more for a grand total of 53 minutes including my running. I got 6 APs for all that. Woohoo!

Another good sign is that I felt better physically after the Monday and Wednesday run/walk routines than I did after the plain walking on Tuesday. I haven't had any pain or soreness at all (except where my stupid shoe rubbed), so that's a good sign that I'm getting fitter.

In other news, today was the first office cake day I missed. I told you how I normally make sure to eat cake just to prove I can - but lately I really haven't even wanted it. Well today, I went in there and looked at it, but all I could think of was how craptastic I was going to feel when I try to race walk for an hour in the heat and humidity this afternoon. I walked away. From cake. From cake with cream cheese frosting. Not because I was supposed to, but because I knew my body didn't want it and would not perform well for me later. OMFG I don't think I even know who I am any more. I think the body snatchers came and took my fat brain one night while I was sleeping and left me some poor athletic girl's brain. I just don't know any more.

Anyway, that's what's goin' on with me. What's up with you guys?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On track...

Here's a progress report of my HYC goals for this week:

Tuesday, May 20th

Drink 64+ oz water CHECK

Journal all meals and snacks CHECK
Stay on plan CHECK

Run/walk program 3/1 intervals - N/A I run on M, W, F, Sat
Minimum 45 minutes moderate exercise CHECK
Earn minimum 29 activity points by end of day Monday May 26 - 3 APs earned
Minimum 4 blog entries - So far so good

Last night we went for a 45 minute brisk walk in the very hilly park. It was 95 degrees and humid, so it was pretty uncomfortable. My feet were swollen when I put on my shoes, and so they just didn't seem to fit right. My left one felt like it was trying to rub a blister. After 45 minutes, we were drenched and decided to call it a night.

I did good on water. I had my 64 ounces in before I left the office yesterday. I drank probably another 32 that evening.


1 - 2 low cal/fat/carb torts (the little ones are 2 for a point - sweet!)
4 - 2 scrambled eggs
1 - 1 oz roast turkey
2 - 10 saltines
2 - 2 lite Laughing Cow swiss cheese wedges
0 - big salad with grape tomatoes
1 - 1 T lite Ranch
5 - WW Swedish meatballs
3 - biscotti
4 - pinto beans
4 - brown rice
0 - steamed broc/carrots/cauliflower
1 - sf popsicles & a sf Monster drink
28 points

26 points + 3 APs = 29-28 = 1 point left over

Yesterday I ate way more crap than I normally eat. I didn't cook on Monday, so I didn't have anything ready for lunch. I ended up grabbing an emergency WW dinner. I didn't have any fruit in the house, so my snacks are not my usual. I need to go to the store tonight as I did find one poor apple in the crisper, but that was it. Hopefully tomorrow I will have fruit for 3 of my snacks.

Anyway, I weighed myself this morning and it said 216, which I know is not true. I did NOT gain 2 pounds doing what I did yesterday. I'm sure it had something to do with the heat and sodium and my sudden hop back onto the water drinking train. I'm choosing to ignore that number because it's not mathematically/scientifically possible.

Thanks to all of you that stopped by and left comments yesterday. It never ceases to amaze me what a wonderful group of people the blogger community is. You guys are fantabulous! On the HYC check in yesterday I found some great new blogs that I have added to my list to make sure I stop by. I love hearing what you all have to say.

Tonight is another run/walk night. I'm excited. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Week 20 - Healthy You Challenge goals

My goals for this new week are:
  • Drink 64+ oz water every day
  • Journal all meals and snacks every day
  • Stay on plan every day
  • Run/walk program 3/1 intervals 4 days
  • Minimum 45 minutes moderate exercise 3 days
  • Earn minimum 29 activity points by end of day Monday May 26
  • Minimum 4 blog entries

Not quite a 5K, but not too shabby...

Weight: 214 (yes, still)

Running: woohoo!

It's the start of a new week and the scale hasn't budged, but I almost don't even care today. Why? Because I had an awesome run last night. So sticks out tongue to you Mr. Scale! I'll deal with you in the 7 days to come.

For now, let me tell you about last night. For those of you that have been following my progress, you know that I have been kind of stuck at running 10 2min run/1min walk intervals for 2 or 3 weeks (seems like forever, I can't even remember) and had barely survived my one attempt last week at moving up to 3/1's. That was the run that I huffed and puffed, felt like I was about to have a heart attack, almost puked, and seriously thought about quitting at least 4 or 5 times during the session. That was last Monday I think, and after that I went back to 2/1's for Wed, Fri, and Sun. Wednesday and Friday actually seemed a little hard on the 2/1's and I was beginning to doubt myself - but I was determined that I would continue this running program if I had to run 2/1's for the next 10 years. Sunday went really well. I did 2/1's, but I experimented with pace quite a bit since I felt really strong that day. I even did my last minute of running at the absolute fastest pace that I thought I could maintain for a whole minute. It went pretty well.

So yesterday it was 94 degrees and I was tired. I was still looking forward to running in that weird way that I seem to have now, but I hadn't yet decided if I was going to continue with 2/1's or try 3/1's again. Since the last time was such a bad experience, I was leaning toward the 2/1's. Before I left work, I decided to check in on some of my favorite bloggers. I'm so glad I did. Since one of them had not updated, I decided to check out her beginning posts to see where she had started (she just ran her first 1/2 marathon just over a year later) and I saw her posts where she was struggling with the 3/1's. She, like me, had decided the rate of increase that the running program was suggesting was just too fast for her and that she would decide on her own when to increase her intervals. Reading ahead, I saw that although she struggled in the beginning there seemed to be a point where she was increasing fairly rapidly. She mentioned something about running with someone who pushed her past her comfort point a little. So that's when I decided I would give the 3/1's another chance.

It was awesome! The first couple of intervals were not very difficult. (There are 7 3/1's and then a 2 min run) There were 2 uphill intervals that I had to fight through in a couple of places, but all in all it was challenging without being discouraging. For the first time I actually ran at a decent pace. Until then, I've only been concerned that I was always moving in a jogging motion, sometimes in place if I had to, but I was going pretty slow. Last night I picked up the pace and I think that helped. I think I found a comfort zone because I maintained that throughout the run except for maybe twice when I had to run in place a few steps on the steep hills. I even poured on the speed and ran my last minute as fast as I could. DH was shocked. He kept saying how 'impressive' that was and that I 'ran forever and just kept running'. He must have been impressed because he kept talking about how proud he was and that he never thought he'd see me run like that. I have to admit it, but I am also amazingly proud of myself. I could burst!

So regarding the weight. Meh. I could've lost a couple of pounds, but I didn't. I suspect it's partially due to the reasons I mentioned in a recent post, and partially because I have been slacking on journaling points and drinking water. So, I will take my 214 (because after all 6 months ago I never thought I'd see 214 again) and I will challenge myself to some better behavior for this new week.

In the mean time, I am giving myself a big 'Woohoo!' and a virtual high five. Thanks to all of you that have offered your support here. It means so much to me. Thanks to those of you that, through blogging your own challenges and triumphs, inspire me to go faster and farther than I ever dreamed I could. You girls rock!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Woohoo it's Friday!

Quick update before I fly out the door to a much needed weekend...

Thursday night was a 55 minute walk at a very brisk pace. It's weird, that one was hard too. I was so happy that it wasn't my running night. I hope I get over whatever this is and get back to a place where it's not quite so hard to keep going. We did do 5 laps around the little loop with the biggest hill last night. The first 3 were torture, but it did get better on the last 2. I just kept repeating, "I will not quit. I will not quit." whenever my legs were burning and tired. Near the end I came up with a new mantra that, when repeated fast, matches my pace when walking. I kept repeating it in my mind to try to disassociate my mind from my body, "Faster, farther. Stronger, lighter." I kind of like that one.

On other news, I haven't gone to get my bike yet. I think I will this weekend. It's just been to hectic to try to fit in an hour of exercise and dealing with that. Plus I've been so sweaty I didn't want to gross out the salesperson if they had to get anywhere near me to adjust the bike. :)

Oh, one other thing. The other day I went to buy myself some new workout clothes because I just didn't have enough things to not have to do laundry in the middle of the week. Anyway, I went to Academy and was looking at the Nike DriFit pants (I have to wear pants b/c my legs are still to chubby to run in shorts) which were $50 bucks (ouch!). I pulled out a pair of XL because that's what I always wear, unless it's XXL, and they looked huge. You know how workout pants always look like they're way too small? Well I was actually worried these wouldn't stay up when I ran. So I looked for a L to compare. They didn't have any, so I started digging through the sale racks to see if I could find something else. I did eventually stumble across 2 pairs of Nike DriFit pants in size L - on sale for 19.98! I then found 3 of the DriFit tanks in XL (they looked small) marked down to 9.98. I decided to buy them figuring that anything that was too small would fit me later. When I got to the checkout, she started pushing all these buttons after every scan and then looked at me and said "32.15 please". Huh? Miracle of miracles, they were an additional 50% off!!!! I ended up with about $180 worth of Nike DriFit for $32.15 including sales tax. Oh happy day!

So I had worn the pants already. How excited am I to be in Large pants? I had not worn the tanks because they were really form fitting to say the least. Last night I got brave and decided, screw it. If anybody doesn't like what they see they don't have to look. (yes, that was ME that said that - who am I lately?) I decided I would just take a T-shirt in case I needed to go in a store or something on the way back. After putting on my gear, I braced myself to look in the mirror and see how bad it looked...I was freaking shocked! I squealed out loud. DH called down the hall to see if I was ok. I ran out into the living room yelling, "Look! Look! Look at me!" He dropped his jaw. "Look at you! Where did you go?" he said as he headed over for a tactile inspection of my shrunken midsection. It was such a surreal experience. I could not stop feeling my middle. I looked SO much smaller. I didn't even look that fat any more. If I sucked in as much as possible, I almost looked svelte! How freaking cool is that? So, I went proudly out to the park in my skin tight Nike tank and busted my buns for the next 55 minutes. That did boost my resolve to keep going I tell you.

So, I gotta run now. DH is waiting for me to get home. Tonight is 10 2min/1min run/walk intervals. It's unusually cool and breezy today, so I'm hoping that helps make it a good experience. I don't want a repeat of Wednesday. Either way I WILL DO IT. How can I stop now?

One more thing - Thanks so much to all of you who have stopped by to say hello and to offer support. That means so much to me. I think of that when I want to quit. I think how I want to come back here and post the good news rather than some excuses. I think how I want to run races like my blogging heroes do. Thanks again.

Everyone have a great weekend! Wish me luck running tonight and Saturday.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love and hate... (warning, this goes on a bit)

Weight: 214

Points: 26/26
AP Earned: 6
Flex Balance: 32

I love those New Balance commercials about having a love/hate relationship. There, I admit it. :) They ring so true - not just about running, but about exercise in general. I hesitate to call what I am doing 'running' just yet. It just seems a little grandiose - like hopping over a puddle and then calling myself a long jumper or something. I am a frequent exerciser though. I have been exercising to the point (or almost to the point) of fatigue 5-7 days a week for the last 5 weeks - and a little less strenuously, but 4-6 days a week for about 2 months before that. So, while I can't really speak to 'running' I can say that I have a love/hate relationship with exercise.

It's strange. I look forward to my nightly exercise, even when I know it's really hot, it might rain, or I'm too tired. I look forward to it and get really anxious at the thought of missing it. That said, there are moments (sometimes a lot of them) while I am exercising that I absolutely loathe it. During those times, it's sheer will that carries me through it.

Take last night for example. It was Wednesday, so that means I was scheduled to run/walk in 2min/1min intervals for 30 minutes. After that, I walk as fast as I can for another 30 minutes. I knew it was going to suck about 1.5 into the first running interval. Usually I feel almost springy for at least the first 2 or 3 intervals, then it gets harder, and then strangely enough it gets easier. Well last night it sucked at the beginning, it sucked most of the way through it, and it sucked right up until the end. It even sucked during the 30 minute fast walk afterward. If I had a dollar for every time I almost quit I could've bought a pizza on the way home. I almost cried at one time I hated it so much. My DH was laughing at me because I kept saying, "I hate you! I hate you!" interspersed with some 4-letter words. Note: the "I hate you" was directed at the hills, the workout, sometimes my tired legs - not my DH. None of that is all that surprising (surely everyone who works out has moments during some workouts where they just HATE it). What IS surprising though is that I DID IT ANYWAY. ME. The girl with a problem pulled up her big girl panties, sucked it up, and KEPT ON GOING. I kept repeating to myself, "I will not quit. I will not quit." I read somewhere the other day (paraphrasing), Life is a marathon. You can run. You can walk some of the way if you need to. If you sit on the couch, it will pass you by in an instant. Kind of scary, kind of cool, but it sticks with you.

I don't know why it was so much harder to work out yesterday, but I'm glad I made it through it. It really makes me much more confident that I can get better, stronger, and faster. It just feels so good to be able to say "I did it" instead of come here with a bunch of excuses as to why I didn't. As much as I hated that workout last night, I am looking forward to the one tonight. I'm worried the weather won't cooperate, but I'm walking for 45-60 minutes tonight unless it's pouring rain or lightning.

It's so strange. My body is changing, but so is my mindset, my drive, my spirit. I am being transformed. It's strange, but also very exciting. If I had to offer a reason for this, I would have to say it's due, at least in part, to the blogger community. Seriously. Reading about your victories and struggles taught me that there is no end to what I can accomplish. I learned that it's not easy for anyone to do this, but that so many of you do it anyway. I learned that the hardest part is not to let yourself say, "it's too hard". I see beautiful women in various stages of their own personal transformations not waiting to live their lives. I see runners and triathletes with big grins on their faces as they are crossing the finish line. Some of these athletes are at goal, and some aren't just yet - but they are setting goals and accomplishing them. They're out there DOING IT NOW, not waiting for some magic number to appear before living their lives to the fullest. All of you ladies inspire me daily to live NOW. Thanks to all of you for that.

I am on a mission. I WILL NOT BE DETERRED.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm doing it!

So, I started the running program I found in Runner's World 3 1/2 weeks ago It's a little more agressive than the Couch to 10K in that you run 4 days per week instead of 3, and I believe the distance/time increases more rapidly.

Week 1 - Run 1 minute/Walk 2, 10 times

I really thought I was going to drop dead from a heart attack the first 4 days I did this. My legs burned so bad, and felt like 2 huge cement pillars. This was hard. Really hard. It was shear determination that got me through it. By Saturday it was getting better, but it was still hard enough that I couldn't imaginge bumping up the running time for the next week. I then decided that since I wasn't training for an actual scheduled race, that I needed to focus on what was really important - continuing the program. So I made the decision that I would use their program as a guide, but I would let my body be the real determination of how far/how soon.

Week 2 - Run 1 minute/Walk 2, 10 times

The program had said that this week should be run 2 min/walk 1, but I didn't think I was ready. I decided to repeat week 1 instead. I was really excited when I started running on day 1 of this week. It actually felt a lot better. I was even enjoying it. By the 3rd day, I had stopped huffing and puffing and had only my tired legs to contend with. Then near the end of my day 3 run, I experienced 2 intervals where I felt absolutely WEIGHTLESS! It was the strangest sensation. I felt amazing. I felt like I was floating. I think I got hooked. On day 4, I ran 2 minutes on my last 2 intervals to see if I was ready to progress in week 3. I did it! It wasn't even that hard.

The only thing was that the scheduled plan for the next week was to run 2/walk 1 10 times for days 1 and 2. Day 3 was to be run 3/walk 1 7 times, then walk 2 min. Day 4 was to run 4/walk 1 6 times! I was very skeptical about all of that, but I do want to make sure to push myself and not get off too easy so I decided I would see how it goes and then make up my mind from there.

Week 3

Days 1 and 2 (run 2/walk 1 x 10) went well. When day 3 came, I was scared, but determined. The first 3 min run/1 min walk interval was not that bad. By the 4th one I was convinced I was in over my head. Where I run/walk is VERY hilly (some of the hills are hard enough to walk up) and it was just too much. I was struggling so hard. For the first time since the first 2 days of Week 1, I was huffing and puffing and out of breath. My legs were killing me and I could barely make them keep moving. I wanted to quit so bad. I almost did quit, but I didn't. I had made a good decision in telling so many people what I was doing. I knew that I had people that were going to ask me how the 3 minutes went. I did not want to go back and tell them I had quit. So I decided to keep going no matter what. Then I would go back to 2 run/1 walk for the rest of Week 3. The next day, I hurt everywhere. It was the first time I had any physical pain (other than just a little stiffness) from my run/walk program. If that wasn't a sign that my body wasn't ready, I don't know what was. So completed the week in 2/1 fashion, but feeling stronger and more confident every day. On Saturday, I decided that I was going to do another 2/1 week for week 4, unless it just got too easy and then I would graduate another minute.

Week 4 - this week

Last night was day 1 of week 4. I ran my 2/1's with a very even pace, good breathing, and only mild complaints from my legs on the upsides of some of the steeper hills. As luck usually goes, it just so happened that when the last interval came up, we were at the bottom of the steepest hill. I almost detoured to avoid it, but then decided to go for it. I took a deep breath and started up the hill, trying to maintain the same breathing pattern and cadence that I was maintaining earlier. I can't believe it, but I FREAKING DID IT! Yep, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout. I was like Rocky running up those stairs. I even did the obligatory boxer's fist wave over my head at the end. Then something even stranger happened. I didn't want to stop running! (yes, me) I thought, well I can run another minute - it's down hill after all. Then I looked at my watch and I had 'accidently' run one minute 15 seconds. So, I thought "I'll just see if I can run another minute." I DID!!! I ran for 4 minutes instead of 2 during my 10th interval. I was really happy with my performance last night. I felt good during most of the run.

So, I think I'm going to still run 2/1's tomorrow. I'm thinking about throwing in two intervals of 3/1 if it feels right. Maybe the last 2. I am loving this. I am so pumped. I am really doing it. I am becoming a runner. One day soon I will run for 30 minutes straight. I have to think up a good reward for myself for that day.

Tonight I think we're buying mountain bikes. I'm thinking we will go walk for 45 minutes and then head to Academy to buy the bikes. I don't know how long they will take to put them together, or if we will have to come back for them on another day. If they get them put together before dark though, I'm going to stop back by the park and go for a ride.

Who is this creature I am becoming? I don't know, but I think I like her. :)

Long Overdue Update...

Weight: 214

You may notice that's only down a couple of pounds since my last post a few weeks ago. I attribute this to a few things.

First - I had some really awesome adventures during the last few weeks in which I was reunited with some old friends, and maybe even with the old me. The slightly less awesome side of this is that I behaved a little like the old me and drank more like a 30 year old than a 44 year old who is also trying to lose weight. So, I think regardless of what else I would have done, the extra drinks and the late night drunk hungries kept me from going down the scale any.

Second - I started my running program PLUS upped the exercise on the non-running days. See, I have never really eaten my Flex Points or Activity Points. Now that I am exercising pretty hard 40-75 minutes a day, I'm finding there are days when 26 points isn't enough food. So, I've experimented a little with using Flex and APs. This could also be one of the reasons I've not lost more.

Third - I have been reading about exercise (cardio especially) and losing weight. I've read that it is not uncommon for women to not lose, or even gain, weight when they first start a cardio program. Apparently we're designed to ride out a storm, and our bodies' first reaction to greatly increased exercise is to hold onto fat long enough to make it through times of physical stress and/or decreased caloric intake and particularly when those two things are combined. The good news is that supposedly this response will subside after 3 or 4 weeks if the eating/exercise regime is continued. So, it's one of those things that are so totally NOT fair, but I guess we play the hand we're dealt. Anyway, this could also be a contributing factor to my small loss of poundage.

LAST (I swear) - I think these 3 things combined may be the 'perfect storm' of weight loss inhibition. So, all things considered, I'm happy with my small loss. Hey, as long as I'm headed in the right direction, it'll all take care of itself eventually.

How's the running going? I thought you'd never ask... I'll put that in a separate post since this one's running on too long.

Anyway - can I hear a big 'Woohoo' for a total weight loss of 26 pounds to date? I am definitely on my way!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

See I told you...

Weight: 216

Back to 216 today. That's why I'm glad I didn't let that phantom 2 pounds freak me out. If you know you've done well, you should just have faith.

Yesterday I did great on points, so that's good. I could have done better on water. Working on that today.

We walked for 35 minutes at the park last night. It's very hilly and we walk pretty fast - 6500+ steps in 35 minutes, so it's at what they would classify a moderate pace. I can talk while we're doing it, but I definitely could not sing while I was doing it - I'm sure the forest creatures and my fellow walkers would appreciate that if they ever heard me sing! Anyway, that's 2 APs thank you very much.

Tonight is the 3rd day of my running training - my 2nd Run/Walk day see (,7146,s6-238-277-278-0,00.html). Wednesday - Run 1 minute, Walk 2 minutes - repeat this combo 10x. For my trouble, I will earn 3 APs.

I've not had more than 4 hours sleep the last 3 nights in a row, so I know that I will be battling my bad inner voice. I am expecting all of the excuses that helped make and keep me fat for so long. I will prevail over her! No matter what she says about lack of sleep, unfairness, fatigue, etc... I'm just going to tell her that she needs to shut up and run. I WILL NOT BE DETERRED FROM MY MISSION!!!! Take that fat inner voice! I think I'm losing it. Oh well, as long as I lose weight with it, that's ok by me. :)

Ok, gotta run.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weigh In

Weight: 218

I debated on whether to post a weigh in today, because I know it's not accurate. If you believe the scale, two days of counting points plus 30 minutes strenuous cardio made me gain 2 pounds. The scale said 216 2 days ago. So I didn't want to update the number to show a 2 pound gain. Then I thought about it. I have no reason to be ashamed. I had a week where I gained 2 pounds traveling and being at the mercy of a catered lunch for 4 days, but I had already lost that back. I did NOT gain 2 pounds from excercising. I know that sometimes the body reacts to the shock of a new or more difficult work out. I think the muscles swell or retain fluid - my ankles and feet looked a little puffy this morning, but looked down right slim a few hours later. That number means nothing. I refuse to hide or lie. I will not give the scale that much power. I know that is a very slippery slope. I'm NOT going there.

So - according to the scale, I weight 218 today. So what? I feel thinner, healthier, and dare I say even a wee bit athletic. So take that!

Also, in a NSV, yesterday I put on one of the sweaters I wear to work all the time. It was falling off my shoulders in a really weird way. I didn't think that much of it until I put on another sweater this morning and it's all loose around my collar bone and shoulders too. I obviously lost some weight in that area. That'll work.

I'm also eating healthier for the majority of my meals. I have really cut back on meat (not really sure whether that's a big deal or not - more of an observation) and am eating brown rice with steamed veggies and a salad for lunch or dinner quite often. So all in all, I'm pleased with my progress to date. I'm sure that I will see the numbers go down for next Tuesday's weigh in. 'Til then, I'm just going to keep tracking my points (thanks Elaine for the point tracker!), making good choices, and exercising as many days a week as I can.