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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Week 23 HYC Check In - 215

215. Well crap!

I'm so mad at my scale. It had the nerve to tell me I gained 5 pounds last week. That little lying piece of s....

Anyway, I don't see how it could be true. I had that night I told you about, but I did not eat ten thousand extra calories over plan. That was Wednesday and I did pretty well with staying on plan Thursday through yesterday. Also, I ran 30 minutes a day, every day but Sunday. Yesterday I actually did 3 10/1 intervals at that hilly-ass park.

I did NOT gain 5 pounds. Did I? No, I really don't think I did. I did end up eating dinner late yesterday, and it was on the salty side (sausage - healthy turkey low fat sausage, but that's probably still salty), and I didn't do that well on water at all while I was in Dallas. They only let me out 3 times a day, and I cannot drink the amount of water I drink and make it with only 3 tinkle breaks in 9 hours. We were out of the good water at home, and I left my water cup at home on Monday. Sorry excuses I know, but it added up to me not getting all the water I should. I'm really hoping that has something to do with it.

I'm nothing if not honest though, so I did update my numbers - even my badge was exchanged for a 25 pound one (sniff sniff). Full disclosure. I have posted my Week 23 HYC goals, and I am gritting my teeth and trudging on. Even if it turns out I really did defy the laws of science and gain 5 pounds for real, I REFUSE to be knocked down. It's like yesterday, I was 3 min from completing my 3rd 10 min run and still had the biggest hill in the park to run up. It was so hot and humid and my legs were really tired. It was hard. That made me mad for some reason, so I started running faster. I ran up that hill as fast as I could. It really made me feel better.

I will do this. I may get pushed back, but I will not be pushed down. I will keep eating right, drinking my water, journaling, and running. I won't quit no matter what that *(@%ing scale says. I'm going to give it a talking to tonight, and it had better get it's sh*t together by tomorrow morning or I'm liable to take a hammer to it. Wonder how many APs that would burn?

Can't wait to read all of your blogs. I need some inspiration.


goodbyetoallfat said...

"I'm so mad at my scale. It had the nerve to tell me I gained 5 pounds last week. That little lying piece of s.... "

I think you should get it wired up to a lie detector and get them to converse with each other in bleeps and digital signals! LOL!

Seriously, I have been thinking recently about weighing fortnightly instead of weekly, not beating myself up if the scale doesn't say what I want or expect precisely every 7 days.

Why do we feel the need to stick to a rigid weekly weigh in? Why not weigh every 10 days, or every 14 days .... or whenever we can *feel* that we have lost?

(I know this is difficult if officially doing a WW programme, but it is just something I have been thinking about recently).

Although I did well this week (a lot of that was post-TOM whoosh! find yourself 4 lbs lighter again) I'm not expecting such a big loss next week, and that is why I have started to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, to stop limiting myself to a set weekly weigh in date, and possibly consider fortnightly or "whenever I feel like it, if I feel I have lost weight" weigh ins ....?

Hmmmmm ..........

This thinking outside the box could be dangerous!

Laura Brandon said...

You can get through this... and goodbyetoallfat above me is right, why do we limit ourselves to a weekly weigh in? That's why i weigh every day, because just because the scale might not be where i want it on satruday, that doesn't mean the whole week is shot to tell. sometimes i weigh less during the week than i end up weighing on saturday.

Cammy said...

You'll probably see a big loss next week. That silly scale likes to play games with us. Great attitude: don't get mad; get even! :)

Kitzzy said...

Hang in there. I bet it really was what you ate the night before, plus remember some of that is muscle. Great job on the running!

Girl with a Problem said...

goodbye -

You have a really good point. I like to weigh every day b/c then I get used to how much my weight can fluctuate and it actually makes it easier on me when I do have a bad Tuesday morning. I know if I've done right not to worry. This week just ticked me off for some reason - maybe because it was 5 whole pounds.

I think when/if/how often to weigh is an intensely personal decision for each of us. I'm a great big supporter of whatever works for the individual. Personally, I'm too much of a control freak to stay off the scale for a week or month, but I know that works for a lot of people.

Thanks for the encouraging words!