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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Goal Check

HYC Goal Check for Tuesday:

64+ oz water - CHECK
Journal food - CHECK
Min 5 fruit/veg servings - CHECK
Stay on plan - CHECK
Run 30 min 4/7 days - 1 of 4 CHECK
Earn 30 AP's - 6 of 30 earned

I used to run only on M/W/F/Sa and walk the other days. Lately I've been running every day. I don't want to overdo, so I'm trying to run easier intervals on those old walk days. Yesterday was a walk day. I did 5 6/1 intervals + an extra 15 min walk. My legs were so tired yesterday. It was even cooler than usual after the rain, and I normally don't have tired legs until near the end. They were tired from the start yesterday. I was so glad it was an 'easy' day. There's no way I could've run 8-10 minutes. I had to fight for the 5 6/1's.

Ended up eating really late last night. I have to quit doing that. I just don't want to eat any APs I haven't earned, and it was late by the time we got back from running and my brown rice was done. I have extra for today though.

I decided to let the scale live another day. It said 212 this morning, which was a little easier on the ego. Hopefully I can stick to all of my goals for this week and I'll see a loss next Tuesday morning.

I have to go to the doctor tomorrow for my annual. I absolutely HATE that. The only good thing is that I will have bloodwork to compare to last year's. I am curious to see how much/if any difference in cholesterol and such.

Oh well, I have a ton of stuff to do at work so I gotta run. Still catching up on your blogs. Thanks for the encouraging words yesterday - you guys are the greatest.


Anonymous said...

wow, keep it up with the running! i still can't run, but i'm working on it!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You seem to have done well with the water, fruit and veg and exercise. We all eat late sometimes, I know it's not brilliant, but hey ho.

Cammy said...

Wow, you're on a roll! Keep up the great work!