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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Week 25 HYC Check In

As you may, or may not, have noticed I've been away for a few days. I don't have to tell any fellow blogger that rarely means that it's because we're just working the program so hard we didn't have time to write. I got a little off track for a few days. Not sure why, although it's TOM and I have had the emotional symptoms of that pretty bad for a few days - all antsy, hungry, and mean - really, ask DH if you don't believe me ;)

Anyway, I really didn't do anything bad or eat a bunch of junk, I just didn't do most of the things I normally do. I was fine up until Friday afternoon. Since then I didn't drink all of my water some days, didn't get my 5 fruits/veg every day, didn't journal, didn't 'officially' count points, etc... I did keep rough track in my head, just didn't feel like writing it down. I also did NOT weigh myself today as TOM has my guts feeling all heavy and swollen. After being off track for a few days, I did not need any mental crap to deal with. I am back today counting, writing, fruiting/vegging, hydrating, etc... so I have already moved on.

Things did go pretty well on the exercise front at least. On Friday I met one of my BIG personal mini goals. Are you ready........

I RAN 30 MINUTES WITHOUT STOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't even that hard!

I was so excited I just couldn't believe I had really done that. I remember when we first started exercising and we would huff and puff up this one really big hill. More often than not, runner-guy (that's what we call him) would run past us up the hill and then once or twice more before we'd made the big park loop. I remember saying, "That's ok. One day I will run the entire park loop, including the hills." When I said it, I only kind of believed it, but I kept saying it just the same. It was so cool to actually achieve that goal. Saturday I just walked because neither of us felt well, and I wanted to give my legs a well-deserved rest. Sunday we didn't do anything but chores. Now you know how obsessive my personality is, so you can guess what I did last night. I had told myself that I wasn't going to do the 30 again for a week, and instead go back to interval runs - upping the time. Well, last night I got to worrying that it was all some kind of fluke and that I couldn't REALLY run 30 minutes straight. So I did it again - 32 minutes actually, just for good measure - just to prove I can really do it. I am still in shock. I think I will only do the 30 once a week and do the intervals the other days. I don't want to risk injury, and I think the interval training is helping. I have actually chilled and am only running M/W/F/Sa now, and walking or doing some other exercise the other days. I think I've proven to my stupid brain that I actually do better when I don't run every day.

Not so good news on the 100 Pushup Challenge. I actually forgot to do them on Wednesday and Friday. Seriously. Is that not sad? I guess I need to write it in my journal. I was going to start over yesterday, but we moved a sectional sofa on Sunday and I hurt my left bicep. The right one is just sore - like I moved a couch - but the left feels like I actually HURT it. It hurts just to touch it. My elbow on that arm hurts also. So pushups, even girly ones, are out until it heals. I am planning to re-start that program on Monday.

So, that's it. Sorry it's so long. Hope you all had a good week.

Here are my Week 25 goals - which I promise to work a little harder this time:

Water 64+ oz 7/70/7
Journal food 7/70/7
5 fruits & veg 7/70/7
Stay on plan 7/70/7
Run 30 min per day 4/40/4
Earn 30 AP's 30/300/30


Nicole said...

Nice job on the run! Doesn't it feel great when something that was once so hard to do becomes the norm...or better yet, becomes EASY! Congrats!

Big Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Looking forward to keeping up with your journey.

Great job on the run!

Shanna said...

Yeah for you! I hate running! I am trying to trick myself into liking it, but its not working yet! =P

Do you mainly run outside or do you do a treadmill?

goodbyetoallfat said...

Well done on running for 30 mins non-stop -- definitely not something that I can do yet!

Manuela said...

Congrats on the 30 minute run. I'm up to 45-48 depending on the day and can't believe I'm doing it!

Keep at it and you'll be doing marathons!

Viv said...

Great job on the 30 minutes straight! When is the magical 5K going to be scheduled???

Cammy said...

Congratulations on the run! And I hope you feel 100% really soon. You're on a roll here! :)

Laura Brandon said...

wow, congrats! running for 30 minutes straight is huge! said...

Hi, fellow Houstonian! Thanks for the welcome to HYC. Congrats on running 30 min. w/o stopping!! That's awesome!

Kitzzy said...

Great job on the 30 minute run!!

Mal said...

I'm really glad I found your blog -- your capability to set goals and work on challenges is really inspirational! Way to go on the running!!!

tru2me said...

Yay for running 30 minutes! Doesn't it feel great!

Mark said...

Congratulations on your 30 minute run - that's a big milestone.

Sara said...

Super congrats on the run - I remember how awesome it is to run that first time fully!! It takes work and determination - great job!!

Erica said...

Congrats! This is a great milestone!