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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Me - 1, Hills - 0

First, my HYC Goals checkup:
  • 64+ oz water 7 days 2/7
  • Journal food 7 days 2/7
  • Stay on plan 7 days 2/7
  • 4/1 intervals 4 days 1/4
  • Earn 29 APs 7/29
  • Blog 4 days 2/4
Now, on to my big news....

So I told you that Monday I bumped up on my running plan from 3/1 intervals to 4/1 intervals. I did really well, but I did them at the bird sanctuary which is mostly flat. I kept thinking to myself, "yeah, but wait until I try it at the park" which is really hilly. Remember the awful time I had the first time I did the 3/1's and had to go back to doing 2/1's for another week? So I was kind of dreading the run last night at the hilly park, because I feared a repeat of that other incident where I huffed and puffed and suffered when I tried to increase my running time. Also, this is Houston. As Viv and Grumpy Chair can attest, it was hot and really humid yesterday afternoon.

Guess what? I did it! I did it good! There were only a few moments (running uphill for 4 min at a time) where I had to slow down in order to keep going. It wasn't that hard. I could not f'ing believe it. I still can't. I guess at some point I'm going to have to stop allowing those "this is going to suck" thoughts. I was out there doing it without looking like I might die any moment. AND I finished the 30 minutes way ahead (distance-wise) than I did with the 3/1's. I guess that means I must actually run faster than I walk - I walk fast, so that still surprises me. When I was a kid, I got paired with a boy to run the President's Challenge thing (that thing we did in the 60's/early 70's) and he kept complaining to the teacher that I ran too slow. I've always thought of myself as a slowpoke, so I just assumed my running would never be fast no matter how good I got. Now I am open to the possibility that I might not be that slow after all. We'll just see. That stupid little boy is probably fat and bald now. And that evil teacher who paired me up with a boy is probably long dead. I would be lying if I said I didn't snicker a little at that. ;)

So, I gotta run. I just had to tell you guys!


Kitzzy said...

Awesome! Congrats!

The Fallen Secret said...

Hey, just stopped by to check out your blog. You are great for motivation! Thank you for posting on my blog too! Nice to see you are running, perhaps I will do that too one day if my knees can cope. Got a fair amount to lose so I shall stick to walking for now. Keep it up, I look forward to following your journey.

irunbehind said...

ewww. thanks for reminding me, my first running nightmares are from the presidential physical fitness tests too.

they didn't teach us anything about pacing ourselves AND i had undiagnosed exercise induced asthma and could never run without having an attack which was ignored by all (including me) cuz my brother had asthma so much worse.

as a young adult i wanted to run, same thing happened and MD dx me and told me to use inhaler before and the rest is history (and pretty bad asthma throughout my life).

CONGRATS on kicking those hills!

Wallowgirl said...

Running takes time to get used to. But once you up the distance, you will become addicted to it. I used to run until I messed up my knee. Just be careful and pace yourself. When I get a little smaller, I'm going to start it back up. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I've just come across your blog and am impressed with the progress you have made so far. I think I really want to set my goal at 140 lbs as well (see it there glaring at me on your weight ticker makes me realise this) but I have currently set my goal at 170 lbs because even 170 lbs is 150 lbs down from my starting point and contemplating losing more than that is daunting at the moment.

I guess when I do get to 170 lbs I will have to see what I look like and consider whether to re-set the goal down a bit.

Best wishes with your running schedule!


blendergrl said...

Thanks for dropping by... it is reassuring to see the great loss you had last week after leveling off for awhile. You are doing fantastic. I am starting the couch to 5k next week.. a little nervous.

Megazelle said...

You are amazing!! I'm sure you will continue to make awesome progress and continue to amaze yourself with all you are able to do, and inspire us in the process!!