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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rearrangin' the furniture...

I've been moving some stuff around a bit on my blog to reflect the changes in my mindset lately.

Of note:
  • I created a virtual 'Trophy Case' for my fancy bling. Gotta celebrate those victories!
  • I added a Mini-Goals section for Fitness to be able to focus on things in manageable chunks.
  • I re-arranged my side bar so that my HYC goals stay first and foremost in view (gotta keep the map out if I'm gonna get to my final destination).
  • I moved my Fitness mini goals to be above my Weight mini goals, because (thankfully) that's how my brain seems to be working these days. I'm here to lose weight, of course, but my main priority is now my physical well-being more so than how I look. If I meet my Fitness goals, my Weight is sure to follow.
  • I moved my Progress chart after both of those because, while it's important to see how far I've come, I need to focus all of my energy on where I'm going. Plus, I still have the trophy case for the big picture on that front.

So, pardon the dust. Just working to improve things...


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

love the changes:)

and of course, your blog!

Bev said...

I like your trophy case! Way to go on losing 30 pounds! ;)

GingersFit said...

I think it's great to focus on your fitness goals rather than weight. You are in complete control (well, for the most part) of how often you choose to exercise and what type of exercise to do and what to eat. Sometimes the body just resists and it might take a while to catch up, but you WILL gain health (lower cholesterol, better aerobic capacity, maybe even a muscle here and there).

Just keep it up!

40 by 40 said...

Love the trophy case and I like the way you check in with your goals weekly! Way to hold yourself accountable!!! That is AMAZING that you have lost 30 lbs!!! Great job..look forward to seeing more successes over here!!!Have a great weekend.