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Friday, February 15, 2008

Holding steady...

Weight: 230

Yesterday was very busy, but I did really good. I am trying to increase the amount of fruits and veggies I eat, and also start cooking more of my own food now that I am adjusted to a healthier portion size. We bought some 8 inch plates which I highly recommend. The bigger the plate, the more food you tend to want to put on it.

Oh - some other good news. I got an email from Continental yesterday and I have been upgraded to First Class for my 2 1/2 hour flight to Detroit on Sunday. Woohoo! I did a HUGE amount of flying last year, so I got bumped up from Silver Elite to Gold. Since then I have been upgraded on all of my 3 flights this year. This will be the 4th time I've flown 1st class, but the other 3 times the flights were only 45 minutes. So this will be my first time where they actually serve food. I noticed that my original booking said 'SNACK' and now my new one says 'MEAL'. So I guess only the first class section gets actual food? Don't know. Anyway, my friend tells me that it is normally a choice of a salad with either grilled shrimp or chicken and maybe a soup. I hope that's what it is. That will be easy on the points. I'm even going to look into points for a few different alcoholic beverages since I will have the points and don't have to drive. Depending on what the food is, I can probably still swing 2 drinks of some sort. Silly, but I'm really excited.

Anyway, here is my food journal for yesterday...

Week 3, Day 3 Points allowed: 28

1 - 2 WW toast
2 - 2 Kraft FF singles
4 - 2 scrambled eggs

6 - WW dinner
1 - small orange
1 - WW yogurt

4 - chicken strips
3 - small white corn tortillas
1 - 2T FF Ranch
0 - salad

2 - 15 tiny twist pretzels
4 - yogurt parfait (WW yogurt, 1/2 cup canteloupe, 12 lite vanilla wafers crumbs)

Total Points: 29 (I realized that I lost count b/c I forgot to write down my dressing last night)
Water: 64+oz
Activity: 45 minute brisk walk in park - very hilly