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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Week 3, Day 2 Guess the 230 is gonna stick!

Weight this morning: 230 again. Guess it's going to stick. If I have that a few more days, I will mark that off of my mini goal list.

Things still going well. Work has been really busy. Oh yeah, they brought in breakfast tacos yesterday and came and handed me one. Again, my first reaction was to decline (I'm on a diet right?). Then I thought about it. It was about 9:00 AM and I was a little hungry and I had a low point lunch and a lot of points to use up. So I looked it up and found it was 5 points. So I took it and enjoyed every bite. Later when there were still some in the bag in the kitchen, I had no urge to grab another one and scarf it down like I would have in the past. Eating the taco took the power away from the other ones. I think I'm getting this!

Here's my menu from yesterday:

4 - 2 eggs scrambles
1 - 1 lite Laughing Cow cheese wedge
1 - 2 WW toast

5 - WW dinner
0 - green beans

6 - chicken strips
0 - salad
1 - 2 T ff Ranch
2 - low fat burrito tortilla

5 - small potato and egg taco
1 - WW yogurt
2 - 1 cup sugarfree/fat free ice cream

Total: 28 points
Water: 64 oz usually I go over by more - was really busy, but I'll do better today
Activity: 30+ minute brisk walk in park while it was getting really dark!

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