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Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 3 - Woohoo!

Starting weight: 234 (possibly even 233.5 - I need to buy a digital scale)

Points allowed: 25

6 pt - 1 large bagel
1 pt - 1/2 T. peanut butter

6 pt - grilled chicken breast
3 pt - 12 tortilla chips & salsa
0 pt - grilled veggies
0 pt - salad with FF Italian dressing

8 pt - WW frozen dinner
0 pt - salad with FF Italian dressing
1 pt - WW yogurt

Points consumed - 25 Water - 64oz +

I was getting ready to eat my 1 point apple last night, and a thought struck me that I had made a mistake in my math. I got my journal out and sure enough, I had somehow gotten off by 1 point. I was so glad, because I didn't want to eat that apple anyway and if I do go over by a point I want it to be a choice, not an accident.

I feel fantastic. I'm only hungry right before meals, which is how it should be. So far this is working really well for me. I'm finding it very easy to adapt to my life.

Woohoo, on to the weekend!

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