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Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 6 - Oh my!

Starting weight: 231 (yes, 231!)

Points allowed: 25

2 - 1 egg fried without oil in non-stick skillet
2 - 2 toast
3 - 1 T. butter

2 - lite bread toast
1 - Kraft FF single
2 - FF hotdogs
0 - small amount of ketchup (yes, I'm weird I know)

7 - WW dinner
0 - salad
3 - 2 T Ranch dressing

1 - WW yogurt
1 - orange
1 - lite english muffin
1 - lite Laughing Cow wedge

Points consumed - 25 Water - 64oz +

First of all - Did you see? I woke up Sunday to 10 pounds gone. Very, very exciting even though I didn't expect it all to stick through the whole week. TOM starts Monday and I am sure this will affect my weight. Nice to see none-the-less.

Sunday was spent going to 3 different stores to buy supplies. We are now fully stocked for eating on plan for the next couple of weeks. We have a variety of 1 and 2 point foods so as not to run out of low point choices. I took Roni's advice and got the 1 point Thomas lite muffins and lite Laughing Cow wedges. OMG, that makes the most satisfying 2 point snack! I got a little freaked out at HEB (that's a local grocery store in Texas) when they didn't have our number 1 staple - WW Yogurt! Well, they did, but they only had it in 4 oz cups that were still 1 point. I am still worried that this is a change to the product since I had never seen it before and they didn't have any of the 8 oz 1 points. Why on earth would anyone want to start eating half of the yogurt for the same point 'price'? We must all unite to complain if that turns out to be the case. So, I had to go to Kroger and buy most of the yogurt they had on the shelf. I need at least 1 a day to make sure I get something that tastes like a dessert for 1 point. Also, I don't drink milk or eat cereal very often, so I need it for my milk values.

Very, very tired from all that shopping, but excited to be ready to stay on plan.

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