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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another quick update...

Weight: 219 - 21 Pounds Lost!!!!

Again I've been super busy with work and traveling. I'm actually heading out to Dubai for a week on Friday.

Have been on plan though. Norway was more of a challenge than I thought it would be. Drank too much beer - and they don't have anything even close to light beer there. We did really good at breakfast and lunch each day, but dinner was harder. Everything seems to come with some kind of mysterious sauce over there. It was hard to calculate points on and on top of that we were always too hungry by the time we got to dinner. We did a lot of walking up and down the extremely steep streets at least. On top of everything else, I ended up getting stuck in Frankfurt airport, having missed my connecting flight home. It's a long story that involves switched laptops, lost luggage, $400 airport hotel rooms, and other travel intrigue. Suffice it to say that there were just too many situations where I wasn't able to exactly control my food choices. I actually gained a pound while I was there, but lost it 2 days after I got back so no harm, no foul I guess.

I am now down to 26 points a day. According to the calculators, I will be at 26 until I hit 209 I think. Then I drop another point but stay there for a while. So far I'm still getting plenty to eat. Some days I have a hard time eating all my points. I have never used the 35 flex points as a practice. I wonder if I should start using them? I was reading Gotta Get Shrunk's blog and see that she has always eaten all of her flex and all of her AP's. I'm starting to worry that if I don't do the flex that I may mess with my metabolism and it could hurt me down the line. I have used over my points a few times, and counted that as flex, but I've never planned to use it. I always figured that would make up for any time where I underestimated points or overdid portions. I'm still not sure what to do there. I think I won't make any changes until I get under 200. That's why I haven't bought a new scale yet. I know my scale isn't as accurate as a digital. Since I had that problem with the one I had to return, I just figured I would wait until I was about 5 pounds the other side of 200 and then get a digital. That way I wouldn't even bother going back and adjusting all of my weights and goals, I'd just suck it up and deal with it looking like I had gained, or not lost 2-5 pounds. I figure my psyche can handle that as long as the number on the digital comes up under 200. Silly isn't it?

Oh well. I hope to get back to daily blogging soon, and posting my food journals. I'm still writing everything down, I just haven't had time to do it here.

Anyway, Only 3 pounds to go to make my 10% weight loss goal! I can't believe it. I remember when I posted that goal how much 24 pounds sounded like. Now here I am 3 pounds away from that. I am just over the moon I tell you. I'm hoping Dubai is easier for me to control what goes on my plate. I think the Rotana Towers has a 24 hour gym also, so I can work out. I would love to come back next Friday and see 216. That's ambitious, but I'm learning to think big these days.

More later....

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